Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer 01/15/2019

Dug’s thoughts on this trailer The trailer for Spider-Man: Far from Home dropped January 15th and after watching a couple of times, and from what I’ve gathered from some of the information on this movie that’s been rumored and confirmed, I’m thinking the various villains we see in this trailer are the Elementals, a groupContinue reading “Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer 01/15/2019”

This Journey is a pursuit of the unknown.

Blog visitors, please post comments and follow this blog! Your support is greatly appreciated! Ensign Harry Kim: “…maybe it’s not the destination that matters”. “Maybe it’s the journey”. “If that journey takes a little longer, so we can do something we all believe in, I can’t think of any place I’d rather be, or anyContinue reading “This Journey is a pursuit of the unknown.”

News Recap for the Week of Jan. 7, 2019 – Jan. 13, 2019

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that three of the voice cast from the animated Justice League Unlimited will reunite for the upcoming Justice League vs. The Fatal Five animated movie. While at the Golden Globes, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige talked with MTV News saying director Adam McKay already has a working relationship with theContinue reading “News Recap for the Week of Jan. 7, 2019 – Jan. 13, 2019”

Replicas 2018 – Thriller/Fantasy 1h 47m Movie Review

by Douglas Montgomery II Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself, “how in the world did this movie get made”? Or wondered, “what movie executive let this happen”? If so, then Replicas, starring Keanu Reeves is just the movie to elicit such questions. Replicas is so awful, and there are so manyContinue reading “Replicas 2018 – Thriller/Fantasy 1h 47m Movie Review”

The Journey to your destiny is paved with uncertainty

Visitors, please keep supporting this blog! Spock: “History is replete with turning points, Lieutenant. You must have faith”. Valeris: “Faith”? Spock: “That the universe will unfold as it should”. – Spock to Lieutinant Valeris – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 1991

News Recap-Week of Dec. 31-18 to Jan. 06-19

“Spawn” creator Todd McFarlane confirmed to Nerdist that the upcoming adaptation of Spawn (set up at Blumhouse) will be a dark supernatural horror film, with quote “No Joy”. Spider-Verse producer/writer Phil Lord advised to a fan on Twitter that if Spider-Verse crosses $200 million domestic box office he would include Japanese Spider-Man in the Spider-VerseContinue reading “News Recap-Week of Dec. 31-18 to Jan. 06-19”

Aquaman – Fantasy/Science Fiction – 2h 22m Movie Review

by Douglas Montgomery II From the pages of DC comics, to your local theater, Aquaman splashes onto the big screen like a tidal wave! And though technically, Aquaman was introduced in 2017’s Justice League, this is his debut and what a spectacular debut it is! Although it’s not perfect, as DC has had some misstepsContinue reading “Aquaman – Fantasy/Science Fiction – 2h 22m Movie Review”

Bumblebee PG-13 Science Fiction/Action – 1h 54m Movie Review

by Douglas Montgomery II One shall stand, one shall fall – Optimus Prime      Optimus Prime’s famous line aptly applies to Bumblebee, the robotic, transforming hero and titular star of Bumblebee the movie.  Bumblebee stands very tall in fact and easily tower’s over the last few entries in the Transformers franchise.  In terms of story and charactersContinue reading “Bumblebee PG-13 Science Fiction/Action – 1h 54m Movie Review”

Spider-Man: Into the the Spider-Verse Rated PG Fantasy/Science Fiction 1h 56m Movie Review

by Douglas Montgomery II What’s up movie watchers!      I had the pleasure of seeing Spider-Man:  Into the Spider-Verse over the past weekend and it was absolutely fantastic!  Or as Spider-Man is called, Amazing!      The voice cast included among others, Liev Schreiber, Mahershala Ali, Nicolas Cage, Lily Tomlin, Chris Pine, and Shameik Moore asContinue reading “Spider-Man: Into the the Spider-Verse Rated PG Fantasy/Science Fiction 1h 56m Movie Review”