Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer 01/15/2019

Dug’s thoughts on this trailer

Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer

The trailer for Spider-Man: Far from Home dropped January 15th and after watching a couple of times, and from what I’ve gathered from some of the information on this movie that’s been rumored and confirmed, I’m thinking the various villains we see in this trailer are the Elementals, a group of beings who have elemental powers. Now, the rumor is that Spider-Man and Mysterio would actually be teaming up to battle the villains, and there is definitely some allusion to that in the trailer.

However, it doesn’t make sense that Mysterio and Spidey would be instant buddies even in a movie adaptation. I’m guessing either they start out as enemies and end up helping each other. Or, perhaps the villains we see in the trailer are simply just illusions conjured up by Mysterio in an effort to trick the web-crawler (and the millions watching the trailer) and take him down? Most trailers and especially the Marvel one’s are always full of misdirection, and what better movie trailer to have misdirection in, than one where you have your very own special effects wizard and stunt man as the main villain. Marvel and Sony should have a lot of fun teasing fans in this way, in the trailers that are to come before the film’s release July 5, 2019.


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2 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer 01/15/2019

  1. I feel like it was more of an alliance… The enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of feeling. The vibe in the trailer’s scene felt more like a “superhero” protecting a “civilian” than anything else. Now, that being said, the Elementals could totally still be Mysterio’s doing. To reference another Sam Jackson movie, he could be like Syndrome from the Incredibles, “rescuing” people he put in danger.

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